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14-May-2017 14:51

i had no garage, but chief horn lived just down the street and he had a garage...i was able to use his garage to work on my car during the winter....it had been raining and the pilot apparently was not satisfied with his approach and was going to circle around for another approach... (this is really testing my memory, after 54 years)...i recall that a couple of months later i had to take pics of of a re-enlistment... i was really amazed at the time that someone who had just survived a crash like that would re-enlist...was flown in a coast guard helicopter to take basic locating pictures, then trudged up the hill with the preliminary investigating team, taking pics as they directed...this was a plane from a squadron that was just flying in to relieve another squadron in the area, as i recall... i believe there were about 11 people aboard, four of whom were killed in the crash...From what I understand, Dad worked in the "public relations" sector and at the base newspaper, THE KODIAK BEAR.

I was the photographer that went to take pics of that crash...is due to land in the United States, Europe and elsewhere around the world on April 17th, a one-month delay from its original release date.To soften the blow of this announcement, publisher Sega also revealed the launch date for the "This will be the first time everyone will have a chance to play the game (a moment we have long been anticipating!) and we can't wait to hear what you think about it," Sega wrote on Twitter.

Monday, –. Participation in student challenge; Students will develop a cloud project using TI Development tools, including CCS cloud, GUI Composer, Sensor BoosterPack, and Launchpad boards. Participants will program TI LaunchPad™ development kits to connect and send sensor data to a gateway via.… continue reading »

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