3g best mobile sex

15-May-2017 12:52

As such, it’s big on nostalgia but it also has a gleaming, attractive style and feels great in the hand.Purists won’t care for the new version of Snake, but it’s still fun to play.There is a 3-megapixel camera with a flash that can also be put to service as a torch. This is a flip phone so the screen is a reasonable size but the phone itself is small (though not slim).

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They don’t have the latest 4G connection, and sometimes not even 3G. Well, they’re cheap, simple to use and have battery life that lasts days, or even weeks.

But, if ours can’t let us Facebook stalk our ex, give us directions to the pub, swipe right on Tinder, play Spotify, and upload a Valencia filtered selfie, all at the same time, then they are well and truly failing.

That or we have severe phone addiction issues – ever feel like your phone is vibrating but it really isn’t? Most of the time whether we’re connected to the wifi, using 4G, or even 3G (ugh), our phones will let us peruse the internet to our hearts’ content.

The keyboard is splash-proof and dust-proof, and there’s a just-about-big-enough 1.4in display.

Like several phones here, it has a torch and FM radio built in, plus five games. Buy now Another dual-sim phone, the Alba has a basic (0.3-megapixel) camera and comes in a vibrant purple colour, though red and blue are also options.

Battery life is up to 30 days on standby, so perfect to keep as a back-up in the car’s glove compartment.