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Financial Assistance is available by filling out a scholarship request at the YMCA or by printing out a copy below and returning it with your membership form to the front desk.

Individuals interested in scholarships are highly encouraged to inquire and apply at the YMCA Welcome Center.

There will be NO registration once the program has started. Classes included with membership may be joined at any time.

-Everyone using the facility must check in at the Welcome Center.

-People caught “sneaking in” will lose their YMCA privileges for a given period of time. -We reserve the right to change or cancel programs based on the needs of the facility and/ or instructors.

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-Members must have an active status to access the facility.All membership cancellations are effective the last day of the month. Upon cancellation of your membership, if you wish to rejoin the YMCA, you will be responsible for paying the join fee.A YMCA cancellation form or update form must be received no later than the 25th of the month prior to the change. Changes can be made to upgrade or downgrade your membership. All memberships that are not paid by the end of the month will be terminated and will be subject to a rejoin fee.Members interested in applying for scholarships need to supply proof of income and most recent tax return forms.