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The $wg Spam Regex is applied to all contributed text, including the spam link URLs.As such, blocking domain names can be a very effective way of getting rid of a particular spammer.This example incorporates common spamming keywords (some taken from Meta-Wiki's Spam Blacklist) and also techniques for blocking CSS hidden spam. Experiment with the $wg Spam Regex setting, and test out some edits on your Sand Box page, to see what gets blocked. The above example shows a regular expression being built up over several lines, using PHP's dot syntax to concatenate strings.This makes this long regular expression more compact, but also a bit more complicated.Note that the second-to-last line does not have the "|" at the end of the string.This is because the next line ends the regular expression with the closing wrapper / followed by the "i" switch. incorrectly matching legitimate edits, see AVOID FALSE POSITIVES! The setting which you assign to $wg Spam Regex, is a regular expression (See Wikipedia's article and PHP's manual on regular expressions).

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$wg Spam Regex is one of Media Wiki's most effective built in anti-spam features.

In the following section on CSS Hidden Spam we make use of this tool.