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Doesn't this reduce the ability of a man and woman to connect through the deeper aspects of marriage?And isn't this whole thing discriminatory toward women?Women incur this state of tuma when they menstruate, because of the loss of potential life within them (Leviticus ).The Talmud calls this a "whisper of death." Intimacy in Judaism has a very specific meaning.

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Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai (1724-1807), a great Sephardic sage known by the acronym "Chida." He was born in Jerusalem, and for many years served as a roving emissary for Jews in Israel, traveling to hundreds of Jewish communities throughout Europe and North Africa to raise money. An accomplished Talmudic scholar shared with me, "When I was a young boy, I had a tendency to daydream and I didn't always pay attention when my teachers were talking. The next week, I once again answered only half the questions and received only a 50.Chida studied under the Ohr Ha Chaim, and wrote some 70 works of Jewish commentary and law, including the famous Sincere praise at the right time can transform a person's life. Young children have no way of knowing how well they are doing unless they get feedback from others. Once again the teacher called me over and told me, "You didn't answer half the questions.But I want to point out to you that what you answered, you answered exceedingly well.try to realize that work is a means rather than a goal, and to look forward to the Sabbath, when I will be able to more fully concentrate on the goals of life.

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