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22-Nov-2017 03:39

S.-backed militia commander for keeping a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave. But, to paraphrase Quinn, what’s the use of defeating the Taliban if it only serves to empower an army of even worse abusers?reveals that the well-known problem will require more than legislative gymnastics to address: U. Forces-Afghanistan only identified 16 allegations involving Afghan government officials between 20 — and barely did anything about them.But that’s no excuse for tolerating wanton sexual abuse by the Afghan security forces.Afghans have been warring almost constantly since the 1970s — first against Soviet invaders, followed by warlord-led militia battles that ended when the Taliban achieved dominance in 1996. commanders were aware that boys were held as sex slaves yet didn’t intervene.Thugs and criminals remained in control of anti-Taliban local militias across the countryside, including several who ordered boys to be kidnapped as sex slaves. Last week, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction released a declassified but redacted report outlining the wanton abuses that occurred on America’s watch.Those same militia commanders helped rout the Taliban and al-Qaida as allies in the 2001 U. A search of Pentagon records since 2001 yielded a spreadsheet with 9,704 rows of potential incidents of child sexual assault by Afghan security forces. law requires the defunding of foreign military units known to engage in human rights abuses. Larry Nassar in the sexual abuse of multiple young female gymnasts underscores the responsibilities people in authority have to intervene when they know a sexual predator is victimizing children.In Afghanistan, such abuse has been occurring since the early days of the 2001 U.

Soon after, Imam Tawhidi said his attacker saw him and started chasing him down the street, forcing him to take refuge in a secured library.

In the video, a man dressed in a grey t-shirt and black pants is seen being handcuffed and led into the back of a police car.

'This is the man that assaulted me,' Imam Tawhidi said as he filmed.

South Australia Police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia a report about an attack in the shopping centre carpark happened shortly after midday on Tuesday.

Imam Tawhidi posted a video on Tuesday afternoon showing his alleged attacker arrested by South Australia police officers.

Imam Tawhidi said the man, who was unknown to him, started to hurl insults and even threatened to kill him.