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Even Tina, who she had promised to go with to the mall last week (with Chris chaperoning of course! She was also completely diligent in getting her homework done, well – right after our first fuck session of the afternoon.

But yeah, after that, she always made sure to do her homework with her brother, ensuring that everything was done so we could spend the rest of the evening together.

Yes, I still was the authority figure and in charge (thank god for my lover/son being so well-behaved that it actually rubbed off on his sister too! Some nights Jessie and I took turns dominating and teasing Chris while other nights it was the other way around, the two us being his submissive sluts, pleasuring and obey every one of his requests. “Keep fucking me mom, your pussy feels so fucking hot and warm! I was already on the edge of climaxing, making me wonder how in the world my son was possibly resisting. ” she suddenly squealed, her body unlatching itself from me. Considering Chris’ words, and the position of his hand, I had little doubt he was rubbing the rim of his sister’s asshole! The entire bed shook violently, the wooden headboard slamming against the wall with each thrust, matching the primal moans coming out of my daughter’s mouth! Jessie might be too lost from her brother’s cock to know what was happening, but my eyes weren’t!

I’ve had his cock in my ass while my daughter tongue-fucked my pussy too many times to count. I mean I could feel my daughter’s body on my lower back behind me, her ass pressing into my skin, rhythmically rocking back and forth; the little minx was grinding her pussy on her brother’s toned midsection! When I backed up again, instead of making contact with her skin, I felt the back of my son’s hand, realizing he was playing with her ass again. And just so there was no doubt at all, I distinctly heard my son lewdly lick his fingers before returning them to Jessie’s ass! Chris kept her body attached to his, making sure that his middle finger was still rhythmically rubbing his sister’s third hole. He had pushed his middle finger at least half-way inside her tight ass already; finger fucking her slowly! You can do whatever you want, just keep fucking me! Her words were barely out of her mouth when I saw Chris push the tip of his index finger inside her ass too, curling the two digits inwards.

The same could be said for the number of times I’ve ate my boyfriend’s load out of his sister’s pussy! The moans soon became too much, enticing my curiosity enough to actually force my legs to abandon Chris’ cock, getting off and turning around. I can’t explain why, not rationally at least, but the fact that he didn’t even acknowledge me watching was so hot! It was no coincidence either, not when Chris pulled out again, sucking off the taste of her virgin asshole, and plunging the finger back inside! ” I screamed, my forearm literally cramping up as I brought myself to an orgasm!

It was quickly becoming one of his favorite things in the bedroom; so much so that he’ll always get me off a couple times first, saving and building his thick jizz just for Jessie’s perfect, pink pussy, fucking her silly before emptying a creampie inside, watching me eat it up and share it with his sister! He took advantage of the situation immediately, lowering his sister’s body down and replacing one pussy for another! My boyfriend was completely addicted to his sexy pre-teen sister’s body that he had no care in the world that I just abandoned his cock, and probably, if we’re being honest here, glad to see me hop off. Even as I came, I couldn’t believe it was from just my own hands, getting off from only watching my daughter get fucked!

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If anything, I’ll probably be fucking his son while he’s waiting to get off the airplane. The head was completely slick with pre-cum (as well as his sister’s pussy juices! The two moaned at the same time when he pushed his hips forward, driving his cock slowly into her. Not wanting to keep me embarrassed, Chris leaned in for a loving kiss, gently massaging my lips with his all the while his cock pumped into his sister. It was unbelievable fun for the three of us; the ordinary roles between us so fucked up that it didn’t matter at all. And here I was with the same feeling, happily giving up my own orgasm just so I can watch her getting fucked again, dying to eat a thick, morning creampie from her pink pussy! We just tossed it aside; mother/brother/sister/daughter, who was older and by how much, who had more experience, yada yada yada, none of that mattered in the bedroom. For a few seconds I lazily let it adjust, noticing just the faintest hint of light shining through the drapes, indicating that it was early morning. ” I moaned, both from the taste of my daughter’s sex juices as well as my son’s words, knowing what was coming.

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