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, the only album by The Postal Service and still, there isn’t any follow-up in the making.

By now this has lead to an almost iconic praise for the collaborative LP by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Ben Gibbard and producer Jimmy Tamborello.

Set with the most enjoyable task of discovering hidden histories of courtship and romance among Brighton & Hove Museums’ objects, the boxes of valentine cards in the museum’s reserve collections are an obvious first destination.

Commemorating the day most enduringly associated with flirtation and love, and involving the transference of emotion into object form, the valentine card, with both commercial and personal stories to tell, is a most fitting location for focus in a project dealing with the material manifestations of the culture of attraction.

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So, be honest to yourself: we don’t really need another Postal Service album, the first one is perfectly fine.

How could they ever top , one of the best indietronica albums of all time (maybe even the best one)?

I think they never could live up the expectations of their fans and that maybe is exactly what the musicians thought when they decided not to record a second album.

A leather-bound album of valentine cards dating from around 1870, given to the museum anonymously in 1940, is of particular interest.

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Unlike the ladies’ scrapbooks of the 19th century, lovingly compiled with personally significant ephemera, each item in this album is tellingly marked with a serial number and with bulk prices, suggesting the object to be a stationery wholesaler’s sample book.It's almost time for the annual meet-up of the music and tech industry in Austin nobody wants to miss.As ambassadors of good music, NBHAP is teaming up with the German representation this year, focussing on some of the country's finest new bands and artists.The highlight of the album is a previously unseen group photograph depicting a young Oscar Wilde dressed in tweed hunting attire on the steps of Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland dated to 1878. The photograph was taken shortly after he had completed his education at Oxford University.