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Present in this group was a Captain J N C Kennedy of the Royal Engineers who was to play an important role in the deployment of Marconi’s equipment in South Africa at the start of the Anglo-Boer War in 1899.

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The current drawn was of the order of six to nine amps.

Many scientists and engineers contributed to the body of knowledge which made wireless telegraphy possible.

These early pioneers included Faraday, Maxwell, Poynting, Heaviside, Crookes, Fitzgerald, Lodge, Jackson, Marconi and Fleming in the UK; Henry, Edison, Thompson, Tesla, Dolbear, Stone, Fessenden, Alexanderson, de Forest and Armstrong in the United States; Hertz, Braun and Slahy in Germany; Popov in Russia; Branly in France; Lorenz and Poulsen in Denmark; and Righi in Italy.(2) Despite the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Tesla’s favour in his longstanding patent dispute with Marconi, it is Marconi who is generally credited as being the inventor of wireless telegraphy as a means of conveying messages, as opposed to signals.

Early interest in wireless telegraphy in South Africa Cape Province Rosenthal’s account of the early days of wireless telegraphy in South Africa indicates that interest was more widespread than that suggested by Baker and Austin.

(16) According to his research, Edward Alfred Jennings, born in London in 1872, may have discovered wireless telegraphy independently of workers in Europe and North America.

by Duncan C Baker Introduction Buried in the footnotes of military history one often finds interesting stories of technology and technological innovations, the implications of which are only understood years later in retrospect.