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I am not a number,' she said to start her statement.She has never been to see a doctor she revealed since she was abused by Nassar at his office, despite suffering from a number of medical conditions.'People keep telling me I need to smile, as apparently I always have a scowl on my face,' she said in court.She was a senior at central Michigan University when she tore her ACL, but got the chance to possibly compote one more time in her final year of college when she managed to get an appointment with Nassar.The first meeting went well, but the second happened after hours in his darkened office with no one present. You're one of the strongest survivors I have ever seen.She entered the courtroom with another surprise guest, fellow Fierce Five teammate Jordyn Wieber, who grew up in the area and was just 8 when she began working with Nassar.Wieber would be the first to speak, revealing publicly for the very first time that she too was sexually assaulted by Nassar.'I'm a victim of Larry Nassar,' stated an emotional but incredibly composed Wieber at the start of her statement.

Wieber fought back tears as she addressed her abuser, who as he has done for the past few days hid his hands.'I thought that training for the Olympics would be the hardest thing I would ever had to do,' said Wieber.'But in fact, the hardest thing I ever had to do was process that I was a victim of Larry Nassar.''It has caused me to feel shame and confusion,' said Wieber of her abuse when she took the podium at the start of the day.'I have spent months trying to think back on my experience and wonder how I didn't know what was happening to me and how I became so brainwashed by Larry Nassar and everyone at USA Gymnastics. The current gymnasts should not have to live in anxiety and fear as I did.'Wieber, 22, later told the court that her abuse began when she was 14, and went on for years, stating: 'He did it time after time, appointment after appointment.'She later noted: 'The worst part is I had no idea he was sexually abusing me.'Wieber also said that she, Raisman and Mc Kayla Maroney discussed the concerns they all had with Nassar's treatment, before revealing that all three kept quiet because they did not want to jeopardize their spot on the Olympic team.'Was Larry even doing anything to help my pain? What was he thinking about when he massaged my sore muscles every day? You're the one causing all this pain I am a survivor. Wieber was followed by Chelsea , who is just 15, and started being abused by Nassar three years ago.

When she learned about his crimes, just a few months later, Maddie said that she tried to convince herself she was not a victim.'Today, I am a 15-year-old girl, and throughout my years in high school I've struggled,' said Maddie.'For the longest time, you deprived me of my happiness.'Anya Gillengarten was treated by Nassar when she was 16, shortly after the gymnast was in a automobile accident.

She is now 33, and struggled with coming forward and speaking out on Friday because she is an employee at Michigan State University.'My name is Anya.

I'm not pretending I didn't happen anymore.'Two sisters, Maddie and Kara, spoke next, with their parents having to give permission because both girls were minors.

Kara, who is 17, spoke about how she felt dirty after Nassar's treatments, revealing he used lubricant and a numbing cream while he molested her.Aly Raisman reclaimed her power and eviscerated her abuser Larry Nassar as she stared down the pedophile doctor and delivered a remarkable impact statement on Friday.The six-time Olympic medalist turned heads earlier in the day when she made a surprise appearance at the Michigan court where Nassar is being sentenced, just before the hearing was to start.Both whom I thought were supposed to be on MY side.'Wieber, as many women have done before her this week, noted that Nassar was not the only person who should be held accountable for these horrifying acts.'Larry Nassar is accountable. ' asked Wieber.'Now, I question everything.'Even at the pinnacle of her career has been tarnished because of Nassar, with Wieber revealing: 'Our bodies were all hanging by a thread in London. The doctor who was our abuser.'This is all your fault, we wouldn't be here in the first place if it wasn't for you. She appeared with her mother as she is a minor, and bravely delivered her tearful statement.

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