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07-May-2017 02:33

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do not like competing with their men over who’s prettier, especially if that also means fighting for shelf space in the bathroom. Let’s face it: if you’re spending time abroad, you’re probably not too stereotypical.

You’re adventurous, worldly, and probably just fashionable enough to please a discerning French eye (on your good days). Sure, you can walk by the Eiffel Tower on your way to Mc Donald’s, but that’s not why it’s called the city of love.

A few nights ago, I met another bunch of French guys who were here studying abroad.

We were all on our way downtown, so we ended up chit-chatting and making small talk on the bus down there.

Study abroad programs can be such a great learning experience— both for guests and hosts.

As a host of some sorts (representing fine Americans everywhere) last semester, I was fortunate enough to meet a handful of international students, who were spending their semester studying at UT-Austin.

So, before you know it, you're a cheese expert who can also dole out important names and dates from the French revolution. I try to fight it, but I sometimes feel like having a Parisian girlfriend has turned me into a bit of a cliché. It’s an inviting half-smile even if they’re talking about how much they hate Belgians.So when one fell into my lap, the chase was inevitable. Parisian guys are the reason why I could get a Parisian girl.Now he’s living in Paris and trying to sort the rest out.

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Here he shares a couple tips to help the average Joe pull one on the Jean-Pierres… Something about the way the corners of their mouths curl up when they speak French drives me wild.

hit the theaters this past February, France decided it was a-OK for kids as young as 12 to see it. The French are really open about sex — talking about sex, having sex, trying new things, and being naked.