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20-Jun-2017 17:07

Our supporting staff has been notified of this error and will address the issue shortly. Please try clicking your browsers 'back' button or try reloading the home page. If you continue to receive this message, please try again in a little while. Any ideas on how to get past this and ideas on correcting the problem? Finish Execute Reader(Sql Data Reader ds, Run Behavior run Behavior, String reset Options String) 377 System. Execute(Dictionary`2 identifier Values, List`1 generated Values) 234 System. Update() 139[Update Exception: An error occurred while updating the entries. Stack Trace: [Sql Exception (0x80131904): Could not allocate space for object 'dbo. On Error(Sql Exception exception, Boolean break Connection, Action`1 wrap Close In Action) 1787814 System. Customer'.' IX_Customer_Email' in database 'chas_db' because the ' PRIMARY' filegroup is full. Entity Adapter.b__2(Update Translator ut) 9 System. Update(T no Changes Result, Func`2 update Function) 120 System.

Execute Reader(Command Behavior behavior) 10 System.

Execute In Transaction(Func`1 func, IDb Execution Strategy execution Strategy, Boolean start Local Transaction, Boolean release Connection On Success) 288 System.