Asus android weather widget not updating

25-Jan-2017 00:21

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Instant On lose the circle button display, only show the "enable/disable" button. Half the times I boot my laptop, all of my gadgets (both asus and default windows ones) are completely missing and the other half they are working just fine.After I did Windows Update yesterday, my Power4Gear and Instant On desktop gadgets can't be showed completely. Power4Gear lose the power plan display on the gadget (the picture of High Performance, Quick Office, etc) but show only the 2 bottom buttons. I had the same issue, and I solved it by uninstalling IE11 for windows 7 update.Looking at the Gear S3 app on my phone, I can go into the Apps page listing all the apps on the watch and I try forcing a stop but that doesn't help.As well, in the Gear S3 app on the phone, in the Apps list, I can access the settings for the weather app and when I tap on my city it took me to the weather channel so I tried installing the weather channel app on my phone with the hope that might facilitate data transfer to the watch. And just to mention - using the Weather widget is when I get the message about being unable to load data.Unfortunately, when building a gaming PC, a webcam tends to be that component you only realize you’re missing after you need it.

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Recommended Reading: 40 Really Cool Android Home Screens For Your Inspiration Clear Conditions HD.However after hitting that sync button, minutes on end my temperature is the same; my weather is not updated.If you were to go into Settingsscroll down to Weather and click it; it will say that the weather was in fact updated but the home screen widget is not updating.If I tap on the weather app from the app list on the watch, nothing happens - no message or change in display or anything.

I have the S5 and the weather on the lockscreen never updates. Brought it back to the store, was there for 1 1/2 hours, we ended up resetting the phone to factory settings.

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After I did Windows Update yesterday, my Power4Gear and InstantOn desktop gadgets can't be showed completely. It just show some part of the gadgets. Power4Gear lose.… continue reading »

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Beautiful Weather Widgets For Your Android Home Screens. A pretty display weather clock that is not too harsh on memory and comes at a small price.… continue reading »

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