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Always refuse: never part with a dime until you actually meet the lady in person preferably in her home city. Consider also the quality of the letters you are getting from your lady.

Force her to write to you highly personalized letters (asking, for instance, her response to particular events in your life) that, even with cut and paste, would not be of use in corresponding with another man.

Similar thing has happened to me before when a girl once replied on behalf of an agency telling me that although she was interested in me there were lots of other girls who may be too. But before you come to a conclusion: Did she reply to your personal profile, or the other way around?

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This reduces the risk that you are being: (i) suckered into corresponding with someone who doesn't have sincere interest in you or, in the worst case, (ii) suckered into corresponding with someone who does not exist.Morning everyone I recently wrote to a lady on Absolute agency, she had a sad story to tell about her divorce, etc.Me being a sucker for damsels in distress i responded.Unfortunately, Absolute Agency is littered with such alternate agency-sponsored ads where you get form letters dumped on you and requests for paying some kind of correspondence fee.