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24-Jan-2017 22:11

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In wrapping up, I would say that if you are a man who loves to engage in casual sex with a wide variety of women, you have the self-discipline to keep your physique in reasonably good shape, and you want women to always talk to you and treat you with a high degree of respect, deference, and erotic submissiveness, this is the archetype to shoot for.

The vast majority of men who fall into this category tend to naturally communicate with women in a manner because men in this category simply do not care if others find them to be a bit ‘cocky’ and/or too candid and outspoken.

Some women tend to foolishly believe that they can ‘change’ a Total Alpha male type into either an , and every now and then, a few women do succeed in that endeavor if and when they become the long-term girlfriend or wife of a Total Alpha male type.

The vast majority of the time though, women tend to end a long-term relationship or marriage with a Total Alpha male feeling very egotistically bruised and frustrated and/or emotionally heartbroken.

By the end of 2015, there were 571,700 more women than men in the city, with the biggest difference in the 30-44 age group.

This imbalance in the sex ratio doesn’t seem to bother Kong Girls because if they can’t find a local man, they can always delve into the city’s significant expat population.

When someone asks you what you do for a living, or where you live, or if you drive to work or even where you went to school, you could assume that these are standard, innocuous questions for a first date.

However, when a Kong Girl asks these questions, she’s mentally piecing your answers together to figure out how much you make (and essentially, how much you’re worth to her).

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There is a derogatory term in local slang, “Kong Girl” or in Cantonese, to describe the type of Hong Kong women who are self-centred, demanding, materialistic and arrogant.This is the #1 trait of a man who can validly be referred to as a type.The primary strength of the Total Alpha male is that he genuinely could care less what other people think about him or his behavior.Another way to better understand this Hong Kong phenomenon is that Kong Girls have the so-called “Princess Syndrome”, the symptoms of which are narcissism and egocentrism.

Interestingly, Kong Girls have become less conspicuous recently, so if you’re not sure how to spot one, here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

Women often think to themselves, “This man because he behaves as though he can get any woman he wants as well as he can do without any woman he wants.” This type of ‘cocky indifferent’ attitude toward women tends to leave many women ‘curious’ and ‘intrigued,’ which enhances that man’s level of raw sex appeal in the eyes of the average woman.

Dec 27, 2017. Roget's Thesaurus 1985 lists self-centered as synonymous with the words, "egotistic" and "selfish." The Merriam-Webster. These behaviors may have their roots in certain behavioral or personality traits that influence how the self-centered person approaches his/her environment and interacts with others.… continue reading »

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