Bread dating code

05-Jan-2018 18:20

Still other products have a "best by" date which means the product's quality can only be assured until this date.And there are also products that use a "made on" date, or a date that indicates when the product was produced.

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We checked with Westin Foods, Canada, a large Canadian bakery to compare their response with that of Bimbo Bakeries, USA.We spoke with a representative named Carl on April 12, 2013 and asked him to clear up this issue.Carl explained to us that there is in fact a color coding system used on bread tags, but the coding is “for the benefit of the driver so he can determine when to deliver the bread.” He provided the following codes: Carl cautioned that using tags to determine freshness may not yield the desired results and that the best way is still to look at the freshness date printed on the packaging.They will be able to tell you how the code date should be read.

Also, manufacturers can provide information regarding how long the product should be kept.

This freshness date means that the product should stay fresh and mold free through that date.