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Keep in mind that nudity on the beaches is generally frowned upon in Hawaii.

Sun, February 16, 2003 - Don My wife and I have become regulars at Mokulea (Polo Beach) on the North Shore, west of Wailua towards Farrington Air Field.

Also, nudity on a beach is not illegal unless it is intended to be objectionable. Access to the beach is down a trail cut into the rocks of the bluff. Take the dirt road by the mailbox down to the ocean which you can see from the mailbox.

I guess that is open to interpretation, but clearly if you are naked on a beach where there are no other people, or no clothed people, your nudity can't be considered objectionable. Kahena Black Sand Beach - This is a fabulous beach. At first glance, it looks difficult, but it turns out to be easy. Go north on Koolau Road which has many curces and switchbacks. Park and go down trails, one of which is straight ahead of the parking lot, another of which runs left down and parallel to the sand.

Both are legal nude beaches and require a little extra effort to get to, but both are very much worth the hike, and in the case of Hana, the drive. Park in the first lot for Big Beach, proceed to the public beach and go to the right end of Big Beach.

There is a rather steep lava rock pathway that takes some negotiating. Little beach is on the other side of the lava rock formation. The seclusion is caused by the semi-difficult walk.

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They take very good care of the beach, and take their rubbish with them; so the beach is very clean. The population is about 60 to 75%% gay men; the rest couples and single visitors.

Maui Nude Beaches: 02/26/03 - Don Maui has to have two of the most remarkable naturist beaches anywhere.

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