Carbon dating common belief

03-Apr-2017 18:55

The Christian did not insist that their children flout the ‘No Jewellery’ rule.

The only people who made a fuss about a uniform rule which pupils and families had happily abided by for years were the Muslims.

What we have a duty to provide is a broad education based on solid evidence.

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The reason there is a minimum age (16 with parental consent and 18 without) is for the protection of young girls.

They’ll say, ‘Well if that’s your final word, we’ll have to withdraw our children. They have no right to demand that all children receive the style that they would personally choose for their own children and nor do they have the right to deprive their children from receiving a balanced education.

The theory of carbon dating is. for the variations of carbon-14 in the atmosphere. Carbon dating is considered to be quite a good. belief. Famous.… continue reading »

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