Catholic church view dating

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Though providing cultural and social opportunities of participation for the widowed can be very helpful. Pastoral counsel should always be sought and a charitable consideration should be given to attitudes of children and relatives.

It is especially in the realm of the spiritual that meaningful aid can be rendered the widowed. However, children and relatives and close friends and the parish community should be understanding of the rights and needs of the widowed and offer loving support and understanding cooperation.

Many separated couples are happily reunited, and the Christian home is restored in its beauty and service to the community.

In the interim, the spouse and the children of the separated and "divorced" should be the recipients of pastoral ministry.

None should have just cause for feeling abandoned by God or His Church.

Separation is not a free moral option of one or even both of the spouses.I speak especially of the widowed, the separated, the "divorced and remarried." The ministry of Christ through His Church must be ever more and more efficaciously available to these wounded human beings.They reflect in a real way the image of the crucified Christ, and in ministering to each of them, we minister to Jesus Christ.An effective ministry must be adapted to meet the healing needs of persons in each of these groupings, tailoring ministry specifically to the needs of each of these groups. We humans may have difficulty from time to time reconciling justice and mercy, the death of a loved one, even the existence of Heaven and Hell, but in God this involves no contradiction or difficulty.

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To ignore these differences, which inevitably affect the life-style situations incumbent upon persons by reason of their marital status, is to hazard disaster resulting in confusion worse confounded. With the certitude of our Catholic Faith, neither should it be a stumbling block to us, though we must remember, and with compassionate understanding, that for some the cross and Christ crucified are only signs of contradiction.The marital union with its grave obligations endures until the death of a spouse.It is only in situations involving the gravest of circumstances, i.e., the safety of spouse or children, etc., that a separation can be viewed as morally acceptable.The "mercy from generation to generation" in Mary's Magnificat reminds the living Church that it must always apply God's mercy to the sufferings of the human family, especially to those who suffer most, sinners.