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Aloof Ally may show the same hot-and-cold behavior but for differing reasons.Shana Clone is a specific subtrope with a particular set of characteristics.What we do know for a fact—admitted even by the Catholic Encyclopedia—is that the titles attached to the gospels, "The Gospel According to Matthew," etc., are not original to the texts but were added later.Indeed, the term "according to" in the original Greek—kata—could be interpreted to suggest that the texts were understood to be relating a tradition of these individuals, rather than having been written by them.

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The later dates are based also on this timeframe, but the difference is that they account for the mention of the destruction of the Jerusalem temple, which occurred in 70 .Because of their low tolerance for stupidity, they are always Enraged by Idiocy.Please do not confuse this trope with a Mood-Swinger, who flips between the emotional states (not just tsuntsun and deredere) and is more of an inherent mental problem encompassing more than just their romantic life.Tsunderes are mostly tomboys with hidden girly sides.

What does Anno Domini mean? Does B. C. mean Before Christ? What is the meaning of BCE and CE B. A. D. dating system is not. AD 100 is the same as 100 CE;.… continue reading »

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In history, we use dates to help us find cause-and-effect relationships between human actions. In brief, later actions cannot influence earlier actions, so if we know.… continue reading »

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