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Later on, Malika Haqq joined the conversation and argued that Ginuwine's comment that he would not date trans women was a "preference.

She added: "He might not date me, he might not date her."India argued that she was not talking about individuals but a "bracket", though as Malika restated her argument about "preferences", India stood up and walked out."I am 100% sure that we are living with a victim, she's going to find every reason to walk away," Malika said after India left."If one of the white men in this house said they weren't attracted to black women do you think I'm going to roll on this ground and cry? ""If he doesn't want you he doesn't want you", Malika added, and later accused India of "character assassination" and "cowering".

However, India was clearly upset later on as she was comforted by Rachel Johnson, saying: "I don't get it."All this superficial stuff about you are a woman.

While most of the episode consisted of the ladies bickering about glam-shaming and one contestant's age, the truly memorable moment came when it was revealed that one lady called the bachelor a "needle dick." Related: Judge Denies Chris Soules' Motion To Dismiss Felony Charge Oh, we wish we were kidding. The first competition of the night was an HOH skiing competition, which ended with Mark making a deal to throw the game to Ross. personality put up Omarosa and Ariadna on the block, with the Apprentice alum as his clear target.

got slightly heated this evening (January 6) after a discussion about trans women among the housemates caused India Willoughby to walk off.

India and the others were sitting in the garden when she asked some of the new male arrivals if they would ever date a transsexual woman, as Jonny Mitchell said he looks for "personality" in a partner."For me this is the problem, I feel like a lot of guys would not go out with me even though I'm a woman," she said.

The pair have reportedly been dating for the past year. Shakira and Gerard Piqué Age gap: 10 years Singer Shakira, 40, and Spanish football player Gerard Piqué also met at the making of a music video for the World Cup last 2010.

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The pair have three children, Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2.Her latest beau is model Kevin Sampaio, who at 31 is 27 years younger than the singer.Sampaio was in her music video for “Bitch I’m Madonna” where they shared a kiss.“Working with you has been incredibly enlightening.