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• IV'Iy f'lip for the heat exhibit of ■ .'mmerrlal potatoes was won by Ilutlei l! Theae trophies, totf'hrr with othcm, were preaanted at ictlon thla evenlas At which Hon. Including fire Il Khtlng by fric- tion and Btgnalllng oohteata. Find I n (I of l II o Small Bodies Add to Mynteru Of Mother s Su Uide ■CWARBN, N ,r . She waa wit RACE GETS KEEN r ORUIYUAli Mayoialty Campaign Starts in Earnest Tomoi low — Four Candidates to Give Ad dresses at Noon GYROS TO LISTEN TO ELECTION TALK Mr. Walter Inward, Unemployed Lnadei, May Also Run for Office Tl IK inayoraltv cainpal^Mi in Victoria will get off to a start tomorrow when the four announced aspirants for the office of the city .s chief magis- trate will make their first public addresses of thf campaign, which is cxiicctcd to ilcvelup into the most iiitcrcstin^ of years.

Nov 2» — The bodlee of James Antal, four year* I'll!

240.60: Michel, 364.809.80; Mission ,119.60; Nannlmo, 1,801.80; Nelson. 9,737.10; North Vancouver, .0C6.40; Ocean Falla, ,014.10; Oliver.

$iao.|3$.10; Prlpc Rupert, S,il».»l: |»rfi Matoa.

haa been broovht to Washington from Chaeo Canyon, New Mexico wherf3 Nell M.

Miort Ka Ke mtaraot 4Uld flitad charges ma- tvrlac la X^aeambar. SHi Na TON.—A great ar- ray Of art objects and domeatio utensils, shedding Usht on the life of aa aai'ly matropolla of Indian America.

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-A public denion^tralion will be liel l — pit'tur- I'Ni H have b»en carried on at itl Kht bccauso of the pre Mure of buatne M durlna tha daytime. R«fftrdlnc t Mnmltmaaii, tba pa«t afoo HMa tbat thia may ba limited ac •ardinc to laws and Inlareata of the raapecttve countriee. Sargent, who has been a taxpayer In Vletorta for the paat twelve years and haa realded in this Provlnaa for forty yaara. Sargaat baa been engaged In construction work and has A. Walter Inward, chairman af tha organlxatlon of the dty'a unem- ploye 1. has several timea been an unaucceaafal candidate for cl Ttc honora here. aargant antarh MT tba Usta there .\re now foartaaa eaadldatea seeking seata on tba eoime U. Tho police commlaalonera provide the wld«»«t choice, with alx tandldate* for the office. Mpeakinc raoaatly ia the Mar- I'lo Colleffla U Church in Fifth Avenue, Dr.