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05-Jun-2017 22:27

Now, when i'm usually paired with an attractive female, they leave instantly (i dont think they like the site of my room).

But, for some reason, this chick decided to stay and initiated the conversation by saying, "you're clothes are nice." I've never been comlemented before on my fashion sense.

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After disconnecting from a number of conversations (mainly due to the consistent penis heads I was seeing on the screen), I stumbled across an extremely attractive girl (I will include a picture later).I need some suggestions or else i'll never have the chance to get a cyber-BJ from this girl (thats a joke btw).I'm actually extremely serious, and yesterday I just sat at home staring at the picture I have of her. There's got to be some sort of deep email I could send her in order to gain her attention, so i'm wondering if you guys could help me.Anyway, our conversation lasted for approximately 3 hours.