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15-Jan-2018 23:48

What is the proposed word count or run time for the finished story?Do you have any personal connection to this story that we should know about?So in this year's Valentine's Day issue we're celebrating singles who are amazing on their own, but wouldn't mind meeting the right person to be amazing alongside.

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If you’ve never written for us before, we recommend that you start by pitching a short story—one that is 300 to 1,000 words that you can report and write in a day or two—as opposed to a lengthy feature that might take weeks or months to report and write. You get to jump to the front of the line when there's only one empty seat on a roller coaster.Eating brunch by yourself means not having to share your bacon with a person who was "not hungry enough" for their own order.Don’t presume we are as knowledgeable about this topic as you are.

If you are familiar with my case you know about the importance of Chicago. If you’ve read the book you know all about Former Speaker of the House.… continue reading »

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