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Whether they will then attach themselves to our Union or not, is not to be predicted with any certainty.

Unless the projected across the continent to the Pacific be carried into effect, perhaps they may not; though even in that case, the day is not distant when the Empires of the Atlantic and Pacific would again flow together into one, as soon as their inland border should approach each other.

" "Annexation" It occurred to me that the very existence of railroad technology – even before actual construction – inspired westward expansion by promising a means of binding new territory to the Union.

(The telegraph has to be part of it.) It is very difficult to asign motive to anyone, but I am convinced that there was essentially no interest in western expansion at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

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However, it recently occurred to me that the railroad truly made America in a deeper and more profound way.

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It does make me wonder how much – if any – a role did the desire to secure optional railroad routes for a Pacific railroad play in the Mexican War.

Whitney's route was Great Lakes to Columbia River via South Pass – the only pass then believed practical then within the territory of the United States. No sooner is the internet "invented" than people begin to imagine that the internet will do away with libraries, and the telephone, and yield all other kinds of marvelous things.Fremont, is one example, another is the Southern route.A good deal of political wrangling and compromise – and dead ends attended the railroad discussions. While I'm not sure that desired railroad routes played much of a roll in the US starting the Mexican War (although it is probably worth looking into a little further), we of course know that the Gadsden Purchase (which became the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico) was specifically railroad inspired.Certainly the railroad surveys opened much of the West and much of the subsequent history is based on them. In 1845, the railroad had been around for some 17-18 years, and those in the position to make a term like "manifest destiny" become a common term certainly would have been thinking about the potential the railroad provided. It seems to me that the initial "use" of Manifest Destiny was in a sentence that included both words, but not in a unified phrase.

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