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19-Feb-2017 14:56

Let's look at a typical example that illustrates how men experience depression. This past year, because of the slump in the economy, he is failing to make the sales goals that his superiors have set for him.When he gets the news that he will not receive his anticipated year-end bonus and is reprimanded and given a warning that his job may be on the line if he doesn't improve, he doesn't go home sad, tearful and grieving (which is what a healthy response to such a loss should be).

These are the hallmarks of classical depression—female, that is. After all, we raise boys to be strong emotionally and not to be "sissies" who cry. Rather, these feelings are shoved out of the way by distracting behaviors, or numbed by some preoccupation.He certainly doesn't seek out his wife to see if he can share his disappointment with her.No, Stan barges in the front door, throws his briefcase across the floor and screams at the kids who are making too much noise for his liking.When the depression is successfully treated, the rage and anger subsides.

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Men need help in dealing with loss in more effective ways.

Or, to put it more succinctly, women feel their depression; men act it!