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Last updates The new service ''Rise your profile in search results'' has been tested and started.

Now it is available for Lithuanian and Russian users.

For more information about when the co-brand logo is appropriate to use, please read the Branding and Style Guide.

All co-brand logos will feature the vertical format of the University logo on the left of a dividing vertical line, with the entity name on the right.

Show your commitment to a reusable lifestyle with custom To-Go Ware Re PEa T utensil sets.

Custom To-Go Ware utensil sets are available in two sizes and are perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles.

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Dutch, Swedish and Hebrew language packs are coming soon.Co Branding is the process of customizing our website content to look and feel like your site.This customization gives your visitors the feeling that they are still on your site while receiving the benefits of ours.A very few University entities have approved secondary logos such as the Hawke Centre and Samstag Museum, but it is expected that no further secondary logos will be approved, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Development of any future co-brands or secondary logos must only occur with the approval of the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer as per the current Code of Practice; Marketing the University.All you have to worry about is to bring traffic to your website and receive up to 50% of its revenues for the lifetime of your members.TräYou can Co Brand our website to look like yours!In 2016, Chico Bag acquired To-Go Ware to further fulfill its mission of helping humanity bag the single-use habit.