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27-Mar-2017 13:11

Lifetime has ordered an additional two episodes of the limited series, bringing the episode count of the limited series up to eight.

Also Christina Ricci is set to reprise the role of infamous murder suspect Lizzie Borden in an upcoming Lifetime event series, “Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles.” Emmy nominated actress previously portrayed the notorious ax-wielder in the Christopher Nolan will present his “Interstellar” star Matthew Mc Conaughey with the American Cinematheque Award on Tuesday at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

Though it might Happy Birthday to: Actress Reese Witherspoon (1976) Actress Tania Raymonde (1988) Actress Kellie Shanygne Williams (1976) Actor Cole Hauser (1975) Actress Anne Dudek (1975) Actor Will Yun Le...

Read More Looks like Lifetime’s upcoming drama “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” won’t be getting the ax.

When Gary goes out for a drink with Johnny, his friend points out that Gary has always had his guard up, has been guilty of a lot of selfishness, and never gave Brooke a chance, emotional intimacy-wise.

Here are all the villains of “Fast & Furious” Actor Cole Hauser's gotta lock lips with a hose to turn on his car ... Hauser -- best known for his role as Carter Verone in "2 Fast 2 Furious" -- pled no contest to 1 count of driving .08 or above Actor Cole Hauser was arrested for DUI after cops say he almost crashed on an L. The 29-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Cole Hauser, Sarah Carter Ashley Greene carries her pups in their carrier on her shoulder while arriving at LAX Airport on Saturday afternoon (September 5) in Los Angeles.

Their relationship comes to a head after the latest in an escalating series of "Why can't you do this one little thing for me?! Brooke, feeling unappreciated, criticizes Gary's perceived immaturity and unwillingness to work on improving their relationship.

Gary is frustrated by Brooke's perceived controlling, perfectionistic attitude, and expresses his desire to have a little more independence (particularly when arriving home from work, wanting to unwind).

"I landed this job that, since I was 20 years old and trying to become an actor, I said I wanted.

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And aspects of it, don't get me wrong, were wonderful," she elaborated.Meanwhile, Brooke has Gary kicked off their "couples-only" bowling team, and starts dating other men in an attempt to make Gary jealous.When their friend and realtor Mark Riggleman (Jason Bateman) sells the condo, Gary and Brooke are given two weeks' notice to move out.Brooke becomes irate when Gary fails to offer to help her clean up after a big dinner party at their home; and, still frustrated from their earlier, unresolved argument, breaks up with him (despite still being in love with him).