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Suddenly Alyssa breaks into a nervous giggle, Grace opens her eyes seeing the outline of two people watching them from the darkness of the kitchen doorway. His hairs thick and wavy, dark brown like his sons, but with slight flecks of grey scattered throughout. The man doesn’t workout, but his job as a shipyard engineer keeps his body well toned and fit. We had more fun at Danny’s house, then we did watching the movie.” Alyssa dropped to her knees, and began unbuckling his belt.

But for Jack, seeing his almost fifteen year old stepdaughters green eyes ogling his body, as if he were a piece of fresh meat shames him, he scolds her. She yanked his blue jeans down, along with his underwear, then shoved his half erect cock into her mouth.

Brad has already came once tonight, when he fucked Kayla Morrison.

Now he can lay back and enjoy watching her ride his rock hard erection, without cumming too fast. Her long chestnut brown hair flies recklessly in the air, as her tight cunt strokes his cock.

She feels two long fingers thrusting deep within her cunt, while he licks and sucks her clit.

This brings her over the edge, she begins violently thrusting her cunt against her lovers tongue and fingers.

In their passion, Jack and Grace have all but forgotten that their teenage children had gone out on a double date with their friends.In part 4, our sex addicted teenage step siblings, Brad Wilson and his lover slash stepsister Alyssa Dean continue their erotic sexual adventures. After Brad and Alyssa’s steamy foursome, with their friends Kayla Morrison and her boyfriend Danny Ellison.This half of our story is filled with one on one sex. Alyssa has a sexual encounter with someone closely related to Brad. The young stepsiblings are still hot for each other, and remembering it’s Friday night, and they’re allowed to sleep together they wasted no time getting home.He’s giving her oral pleasure, Grace is leaning back against a stack of throw pillows, her green eyes are closed tight, her long slender legs are spread wide, she’s moaning.

Their parents are so into their passionate heat of the moment, they don’t see their teenage children watching them. Since loosing her virginity to Jack Wilson’s son, and their hotel threesome with her mother, she’s became very curious about her stepfathers sexual skills.It’s been over two months since she first sucked his cock.Now the gag reflex which used to cause her to stop pleasing him, only arouses her more.Feeling her warm lips wrapped around his cock, and feeling her wet tongue licking his growing erection, he fucks her mouth. He fucks her mouth too fast, shoving in too deep causing her to gag.

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