Dating 25 year age difference

24-Dec-2017 08:53

But the typical 50-year-old keeps the daily calorie count to below 1,990, spends more time exercising and does at least four different types of activity.

The older generation gives into the temptation of junk food just once each week.

'It's great to think that the older generation are showing the youngsters the way when it comes to healthier living.' The nationwide research of 16-80 year olds quizzed them on their health and exercise habits.

It found the over-50s tend to walk as much as they can during the day, for example strolling down to the shops or taking the dog out - while those in their 20s tend to drive everywhere.

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Appearing as if she was channeling Disney's Snow White, the yoga instructor styled her shiny black locks into a sleek 'do and her flawless fair complexion was brightened up with a pretty pink blush and bright red lipstick..Neil Spiers, Herbalife's regional vice president, said 'The results of the study will be surprising to most as it's natural to think that the younger you are, the fitter you are.'It seems many young people are making the mistake of underestimating the benefit of a more balanced, holistic approach to diet and’re going to be alone with your child and your husband’s going to be snoring.

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