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26-Nov-2017 01:48

Someone should start some sort of “woman’s movement.” I’m gonna look into that.What I think is funny is that we mistakingly classify this “I can’t date someone smarter than me” thing in gender terms.Success in the workplace has nothing to do with physical strength.I know society forces this gender inequality on us, but for Christ’s sake, women make up over half the population of said society.With one text message (or lack thereof) or odd question on a first date (um, what?) – a seemingly great guy can go from blowing us away to…severely turning us away. I don’t like her.’ ‘Aren’t you going to put on makeup before we go? Giving One-Word Answers “I can’t stand when they message you on dating sites with ‘hi.’ What am I supposed to do with that?

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I’ve seen on his Facebook page the girl he’s seeing now…she’s total white trash. – Kate, Los Angeles Short answer: Smart guys will generally date the most physically attractive girl available to them. The consensus seems to be that all three girls were dumped because they are too intelligent; men simply can’t handle a woman who is smarter than them, and they definitely can’t handle a woman who makes more money than them. You’ve probably been bugging the shit out of him since the six month mark.

On the drive over, I imagined being seduced next to a pan of sizzling stir-fry. There was steak — his — and one beer, which he offered to split with me.

I have a friend who is super smart, classy, and sophisticated. Long Answer: I’ve had three separate girl friends this week tell me a different version of this same story.

Men and women are both equal opportunity offenders in the dating games they play.

Most of it is just immaturity and insecurity, in my opinion.

He looked like the kind of guy you have sex with in barroom bathrooms and the backseats of cars. He repeated this often throughout the evening, marveling at my 8th-grade-level vocabulary. By the end of the night I found it inconceivable that I had made out with him for half an hour in front of my house. It wasn’t just his grasp of grammar that was below average. I made my way from the living room to the bedroom, where I found boxes of techno CDs, waist-high stacks of DVDs, and another TV. I searched for signs of literacy as Bob flipped through the channels, lingering on the Playboy channel.

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