Dating a man who makes less money

30-Mar-2017 14:35

And what does a man think about women who may be more financially successful than he is?

I’ve asked many high quality men how they’ve felt about dating a woman who makes more than they do.

These money differences became a total turn off that ruined the relationship. Not because it’s more important than love, but because it makes you more of who you are!

It has an interesting way of revealing what’s in a person’s heart, what her priorities are and how he views the world.

I’m not talking about flying first class or living in penthouse apartments – I just mean being able to enjoy similar interests, vacation styles, comfortable apartments, and early retirement goals.

And in my previous relationships where there was a financial disparity? So seeking a partner who made a good income just seemed like an easy solution, and I felt like it would be less complicated.

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So the question becomes: Should a woman date a man who makes less than she does?As for financial compatibility, I decided that all I needed was someone who was good with the money that they earned. And whether their salary was ,000 or 0,000 – as long as they were happy and living within their means, what more could I ask for?Related: Why I can’t afford to start dating I consider myself extremely lucky to have met my boyfriend.If she holds her salary over them, acts like the boss when she’s at home, or basically one-ups him just because she’s got bank, a man will leave.