Dating a schecter guitar

11-Apr-2017 09:10

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This third iteration of the label had “Fred Gretsch Mfg. and serial No., and it said “That Great Gretsch Sound” at the bottom. The 5-digit numbers on these labels always begin with 1 or 2 and are sequential, do not follow the “date-coded” convention, and precise dates cannot be determined using the serial numbers.

In 1973, the 2nd iteration of the Baldwin era Gretsch label was introduced.

These three numbers identify the date of manufacture by their respective numerical order.

In this case, the numbers 037 identify the instrument as being made on day number 37 of the respective year, which according to the Julian calendar, is February the 6th.

DATING YOUR TACOMA INSTRUMENTTacoma Guitars began building instruments in Tacoma, Washington in 1996.

In 1996 Tacoma instruments simply used a 4-digit serial number.

In cases where an instrument was returned to the factory for a neck replacement, requiring re-serialization, this final number will have been changed to a 5.

In this case, the 0 identifies it as a 1st quality instrument.

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• The next two digits of the serial number refer to the number of units of that type built on that specific day.

• The letter at the beginning of the serial number identifies the year of manufacture and is based on a dating system introduced by the Tacoma guitar manufacturing plant in 1998, that associated the letter “B” with that specific year.

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