Dating an alcoholic man in recovery

16-May-2017 17:58

At a time when your thinking isn’t completely clear, you don’t really know who you are and your self-esteem isn’t fully restored, you’re at greater risk of becoming attracted to the wrong type of person.

Often, someone who is struggling with addiction or who is unavailable or even abusive will be particularly appealing in the early stages of recovery.

Addiction and promiscuity often go hand in hand, and each can be a trigger for the other.

Even if you’re determined to protect your sobriety, it is often only a matter of time before you end up joining them.

For others, one soured relationship can trigger a surge of dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors, eventually leading to relapse.

Is your recovery solid enough to withstand a relationship?

Bars and clubs are an obvious threat, but dangers also lurk in unexpected places such as 12-Step meetings.

These groups provide a safe, supportive forum for sharing and receiving feedback from peers, but this openness also makes them an appealing place to meet a romantic partner.Free from the distraction of sex and relationships, people can delve into the issues underlying their addiction, including the way relationships help them cope with difficult emotions or escape from problems. Dating in Early Recovery After completing drug rehab, many people find that they have more free time now that their primary focus is off getting and using drugs.Some take a class or volunteer in the local community; some find a job or go back to school; and others get involved in a romantic relationship.The following are five signs that sex could be undermining your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Engaging in Sex or Relationships During Drug Rehab Most drug rehab centers have strict rules against fraternizing with staff or clients.

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