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27-Dec-2017 01:16

• Don’t Talk Too Much about Yourself Keep your focus on learning about your date and don’t get into talking too much about yourself. The most important aspect of any date, in addition to having a good time, is to get to know each other better.

Dole out some information about you, especially if it relates to what your date is saying, but don’t let yourself talk endlessly about your own life, opinions, experiences or activities. No matter how excited, turned on or thrilled you may be about this date, listening to what your date says, watching what your date does and understanding how your date feels are still your primary objectives.

Be complementary whenever possible, and respond intelligently to whatever is said to you.

• Have Fun — Don’t Get Too Heavy Keep your date light and easy, and have a good time.

It just means you have to choose pictures that present you correctly.

A guy may love 6 of your photos, but if that 7th picture makes him wonder just how attracted to you he actually is, he will likely move on to the next profile.

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Continuing to see someone who is rude, thoughtless or narcissistic is simply asking for a relationship problem.Everyone seems to be in a hurry today, but if you rush into a relationship, you’ll create big problems for yourself.Starting off on the right note will make many things easier later.• Use the Power of Charm Remember how powerful your smile can be, and use your eye contact and ask questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Think about what interests you about your date, and show interest in his or her opinions, experiences and activities.Of course you should have fun and enjoy the moment, but if you get too excited, anxious and giddy, you might come on too strong.It’s important that your anxiety not mask the real you.If you model good behavior and manners yourself, you’ll influence the person you’re dating in a positive way; or at least make his or her bad behavior stand out so you can see it clearly.

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