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When: Wednesday to June 30Tickets: Call 519-782-4353 or visit [email protected] follow Daleat LFPress on Twitter.Poor Carolyn has been out of the dating game for years.Mark interrupts Herbert's arrival and chaos ensues when yet another uninvited guest arrives for the evening.The play pokes fun at relationship building using classic comedy and farce, complete with swinging doors, sexual innuendo and characters running all over each other in barely controlled bedlam.This cast has given what may be the finest performance this season.They had the audience applauding individual scenes, capping the show off with a standing ovation.Carolyn, played by Helen Taylor, has a big night meticulously planned with Herbert, portrayed by Adrian Griffin.

It was in London he landed his first paying acting gig in 1977 at the now defunct Gallery Theatre on York St., the actor recalls."It was a summer employment project, and I made 0 a week -- an absolute gold mine as far as I was concerned."--- --- ---IF YOU GOWhat: , directed by Uwe Meyer Where: Port Stanley Festival Theatre, 302 Bridge St.Enter Mark (Gordon Gammie), Carolyn's neighbour and best friend, who arrives for their regular "vintage" Friday night -- fine wine and an old movie -- their routine since they met three years earlier.Mark finds the book, discovers a twinge of jealousy learning Carolyn has a date.Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover is offering some sage advice on romance with the play Dating By The Book, a hilarious romantic comedy written by Uwe Meyer and directed by Patricia Vanstone.

As the title suggests, audience members follow the return to the dating scene of a sweet divorcee, Carolyn, who is religiously following a book to guide her to the man of her dreams. Yet contrary to the book, authored by her cousin Evelyn, Carolyn's best friend Mark insists on putting in his two-cents worth on her every move towards romance.Playwright Meyer hasn't missed a single ingredient in this perfectly prepared comedic feast.This is a technically sound show with an outstanding set (designed by Dariusz Korbeil). Tickets: (plus taxes and handling) for evening shows; (plus taxes and handling) for matinees; and, (plus taxes and handling) for students younger than 18 (only at the box office and not including Friday or Saturday evening shows.) Rating: **** out of five E-mail [email protected], or follow Joe Bat LFPress on Twitter.Dating By The Book is the perfect date night for romance and comedy.