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1448s with an 18-fret fingerboard and a small 3-watt, 6” speaker tube amp built into the case. Something’s “iconic” when it represents something bigger than itself. Whether due to the ownership change or coincidence, the Dano line was shuffled.These were followed in 1963 by the full-size red-sparkle-finished Masonite two-pickup guitars with a 5-watt, 8” speaker tube amp, the No. “Iconic” does not mean, as modern advertising copywriters throw it around everywhere these days, “his best album,” or, more often, “very famous” or “extremely popular.” Icons are like symbols or metaphors with greater meaning attached, signaling a bigger message or concept. The two-pickup 1449 was renumbered to 1457 and a bunch of new models debuted.In 1938 National-Dobro revisited the idea, introducing the Supro 60 Electric Combination and the Portable Supro 70 Electric Combination.Both of these featured a little pearloid-covered Supro Electric Hawaiian Guitar tucked into an amp in case unit. Silvertone guitars represent the honest character of the guitars that created the classic music that still rules today. All of us – players and makers alike – started adding features and making demands that drove complexity up, up and away.Guitar #20168 is the first Taylor made from East Indian rosewood; guitar #20179 is the latest Taylor “on record” to have the mortise neck joint (by the time we made #20229, we were not using mortise neck joints); Kurt hits the road to sell direct to dealers.

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They were targeted at maturing Baby Boomers who were doing Beach Blanket Bingo with Annette from the Mickey Mouse Club (or, more likely, imagining that they were), switching from Folk to surf rock, starting bands in their suddenly suburban garages. I’ve never played a 1448, but I’ve played this 1457 and the amp is surprisingly good.

In 1936 Epiphone offered its Electar Model C Hawaiian guitar with an amp built into the case, designed by our friend Nat.

For some reason, it didn’t go over very well, and the amp was quickly separated out into the Model C amplifier.

A population on the go, on brand new Interstate superhighways. The 8” speaker and tube output have really sweet tone and really decent volume, more than you’d expect.

I can’t say the guitar knocks my socks off, but as primitive as it is, it plays fine and it’s pretty good for a few choruses of “Walk, Don’t Run” and “Apache.” These are pure guitar fun!

Newsletter #15, March, 2004 (Please browse our newsletter archives) Guitar manufacturing on the Pacific Rim Most of the guitars, banjos and mandolins my customers use and collect have been made by major manufacturers such as Martin, Gibson and Fender or a few superb handcrafters such as D'Angelico and Stromberg, but over the years, by far the greatest number of instruments purchased in the USA and worldwide have been lower-priced student models.