Dating for diabetic singles

03-Feb-2018 09:07

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Many of us could do the same if we had the same discipline; unfortunately, most of us, myself included, don't.One thing I'm taking away from your post is the way your friend finds physical activity that's fun.Personally, I have my own health problems with restrict my diet.

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If you're on metformin, never drink too soon after taking a dose, don't drink too much, and don't even think about driving after drinking.I would expect anyone I'm dating to understand that, respect it and not frown on me for my dietary choices. I have a friend (gay if that matters) who WAS a diabetic. He enjoyed running and roll-skating, also swimming.Last Saturday I went out with a friend I hadn't seen in two years, we dined, had drinks and went to disco, and everything I ingested was according with my restrictions. By choice, he turned to a vegan diet, where he would have cakes only on marked ocassions and very little alcohol.That allowed him to be able to get rid of the medication, albeit sticking to the diet and [email protected]_77, please give your friend my congratulations on such good control of his diabetes.