Dating furniture square nails

23-Apr-2017 15:55

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Antiques were all carved by hand and the carvings should feel slightly bumpy and uneven.

If the lines are smooth and perfectly carved, it was done by a machine and is a good indicator that it’s a newer piece.

Can't put a spade in the ground without finding one or the other. Leah, Now we see why your such a warm lady,,,coal fired. I suppose this puts house built between 19 or so because they said 90% of nails in former were cut,by 1910 90% were wire (round) nails.

The bricks I stack and use in landscaping projects. There are several 'burn' pits still visible in the back yard.

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First of all, you’ll want to determine whether or not the armoire is indeed an antique.SO from aerial view of house,roof ridge forms a "T". Couldnt been MANY years between the two,,,does this narrow down house age any??? The truth is, while nail shape can give you some general idea about relative age (kitchen was built at a different time as the rest) they aren't conclusive.Oh and while we are asking dumb questions,,,is there ANY value of antiquity to saving square nails? Home Inspections, Infrared (Thermal Imaging) Leak Identification and Inspection Services, Roof, Attic, Building, Basement and Foundation Moisture Intrusion and Water Leak Inspections, Troubled Building Consultations - Serving Chicago and Suburbs You can still buy square nails - new or used. Have you tried looking at your municipality's record office?You can usually get a good idea from the way the wood was cut and how the armoire was put together.