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Links allow you to go conveniently back and forth between the dictionary and the thesaurus.

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Salt Dough Halloween Creatures - Halloween is a fun time of year filled with lots of traditional characters.If you've got money to spare or if they're on sale, buy them and use them; they can't hurt.Books that group words according to what they have in common—more in meaning than in spelling—are especially useful.The amazing thing is that you will see the words again—even "nefarious miscreants," and probably sooner than you thought.

In fact, you might well discover that the words you've written down are rather common.Bottle Cap Spiders - Enjoy making your own Halloween spiders from bottle caps. All you need are some cute plates you may already have on hand and some vinyl lettering or simply use Scrapbook lettering with glue and you are set! Plate Display - If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dress up your plate display for the Halloween Holiday you can make these in no time at all!What's happening is not that, all of a sudden, people are using words you never saw before, but that you are now reading and using words that you had previously ignored.