Dating in your 20s

30-Aug-2017 23:11

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With that said, theres a bit of novelty to my story: while most people seem to have sex for the first time in their teens, I lost mine firmly at the dead center of my twenties. And for the record, it’s not because I’m religious or I was waiting for my one true love. I want to let you in on 14 things that nobody tells you about losing your virginity in your twenties. Nope, I was just a bit of a late bloomer in the romance department and never really cared all that much about getting a boyfriend. Whether high school is almost over, or you’re in college and can see your the big two-zero approaching, or you’re chillin’ in your early twenties and haven’t had sex, there’s definitely a few things you should know before taking the dive. Being older doesn’t make it easier or less painful. The sex itself might not be enjoyable at all for you during your first time, and that’s okay. If you happen to have an amazing first time, however, congrats! I’ve been in a relationship (my first) for over a year and a half, and after a few disastrous attempts at p in v sex in the past, I finally got it over with. Maybe I’m just a wimp, but penetrative sex was incredibly painful to me, no matter how much lube I had or how much I relaxed my muscles. When you’re a teenager and living at home, you have to be a lot more sneaky about planning to have sex, or you have to worry about getting caught in the act. You’re probably living on your own in some capacity, or your partner is, so no more trying to do it in the car so that nobody sees you. No matter what your expectations are, it won’t happen the way you imagine. Out of curiosity I asked my BF if the first virgin he had sex with when he was a teenager took the pain as badly as I did, and he admitted that she didn’t. So, yeah, being older won’t necessarily mean that it’ll hurt less. It’s a lot less stressful than doing it as a teenager. You can plan as much as you want, and you can gather as much advice as you can from your friends. There are dudes in their twenties who are just awful in bed and can barely use protection properly.

If you’ve been reading Gurl for a while now, you might remember one of my first posts way back in 2013 about how I’d never even been yet.

Not to get into TMI territory, but missionary felt incredibly painful to me.

After switching positions, sex because a lot easier.

We’re all just on the DL, lurking…waiting for the opportunity to lose our v-cards to arise.

I know that a lot of movies, TV shows, and books make it seem as if you’re guaranteed to feel like you’ve just made a monumental change in your life, but you might be surprised by how…well, normal you feel. There are a lot more virgins in their twenties than you’d think. Until I started writing more about being a virgin in my twenties, I thought that I was so alone, but there are a lot more out there than you’d expect.A good way to do this is to take the money you used to apply toward your other debt (since you’re already accustomed to not having it available to spend) and apply it toward your monthly student loan payments. Let’s say you have a ,000 student loan with a 6% interest rate.To pay it off in 10 years, your monthly payment would be 2, and you’ll end up spending ,647 in interest payments over the life of the loan.It’s way easier to pay off ,000 at age 22 than have it balloon to ,000 at age 32 and have to address it at that time.

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