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14-Dec-2017 14:53

The law still applies even if the person arrested holds a valid ‘purchasing’ alcohol licence: it is best to remember that while an alcohol licence enables you to purchase alcohol, it does not allow you to drink it in public places or to be drunk in public areas.The UAE Penal Code establishes the punishments for those who are found to be drunk in public, and the rule is zero tolerance.

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However, it is highly recommended that you own an alcohol licence if you wish to drink in the UAE.It is known that such living arrangements often take place in Dubai among expat couples and roommates.In practice, couples and roommates come and go without major complications.However, some well-known retailers have recently stopped giving cash refunds and are only giving store credit, which is against the regulations. If you need up-to-date consumer advice, call 600 54 5555 or visit the website at