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27-Jan-2017 22:08

With this new understanding you can get your guy to respond to you, commit to you, and get what you really want from your relationship How to be irresistible to a man – a man’s perspective Did you know that what women think is irresistible to men is not necessarily what men consider irresistible? 4 Women Men Avoid This woman is every man’s worst fear… Two Types of Men Here’s a really simplistic way to evaluate men. These individuals generally say that they want to be in a loving relationship, yet…

Download this free report What Do Men Really Want Actually it’s pretty simple but most women have the hardest time with understanding men. Sex – It’s Different for Men I can tell you what nearly 90% of my 15-minute counseling sessions consist of. “We had three dates (pick a number) and it seemed to be going so well….. Why Nice Men Don’t Call Back One of the biggest questions women have about men is “Why didn’t he call back?

But your constant frustration that Marlboro Man “doesn’t open up” or that Sensitive Artist is “too needy” is pretty futile.

As a sensitive artist guy myself, I don’t blindly defend the type. So Katie, this isn’t about your boyfriend “overcoming” his emotional neediness for your sake. He’s a nice guy who treats you like gold and wants to know where he stands.

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The ideal man should be: Strong and stoic, but sensitive and open to sharing. Then there’s the Sensitive Artist, who is as much of an open book as your best girlfriend.You share everything with him and he shares everything with you. Problem is, when a person shares everything with you, there will be times where he will seem weak and vulnerable.Is this a deal breaker, or is this something I should just give more time to see if he can overcome it?

There are two poles that women find attractive: The Marlboro Man and the Sensitive Artist.

What if you could actually understand what he’s thinking and how he really feels? I’m Bob Grant, PLC and I specialize in relationship advice for women from a man’s point of view.