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26-Oct-2017 18:53

“I like to think I’ll stay in for a career, which is 20 years,” she said.

“Then I’ll retire from the military…and go into private practice as a civilian.” Another difference may be more mental than tangible—that would be her sense of maturity and responsibility.

Though her family was initially nervous and “thought I was crazy…out of my mind for even considering it,” they eventually agreed it was a great career move and “an honorable way to use my skills.” Amina, after taking the oath to become an officer in the US Army, contributed by Amina Moghul As a full-time student in her second year at medical school, right now—not really.

Levels of maturity and responsibility are also hugely important in Allen’s life, perhaps more so than in a typical civilian woman’s collegiate experience.

This makes soldiers work harder, [because] they know they are needed.” There are some serious benefits to joining the army.

Moghul has a full scholarship to medical school, plus a stipend to help pay rent and living expenses.

When you think “military woman”, what comes to mind?

Probably not long hair, med school and no regrets, right?Just because we wear a uniform doesn't mean we aren't normal people like everyone else.” “It is a huge, life-changing decision.Make sure it is right for you and that you are joining for the right reasons.Depending on what you want for yourself in life, it could be the best or the worst decision you make.

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