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12-Oct-2017 20:28

Well i don't believe in sex before marriage so sex doesn't enter into dating for me.Why should i not get to know several different people at once?it takes's best to NOT confuse that initial glowing blush of lust/chemistry for love.loluntil I share that "let's be MUTUALLY exclusive" talk, I will keep my options open, just as I'm sure he is.please Jacko, I'm not picking apart your response, but IMO, using my "brains to choose" IS exercising my "power of choice".

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Relax, the best news you could have received was in the form of her mistaking your name. because it's the smart thing to do in this day and age. I would hope that if you didn't like them, you wouldn't continue to date them. I think the only true way to sum it up is: FEAR OF COMMITMENT! anyone in their right mind is not going to consider commitment after a couple of dates.

Exclusivity only comes after you have determined that not only do you have strong romantic feelings for someone ,but that they are a good fit for your life .