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16-Dec-2017 18:36

A man wants to take credit for his woman's happiness. One of the commonest complaints marriage counsellors get goes like this: "He was so loving in our early days. He wants to put his work first and be successful before he can be a good leader and provide for the physical and emotional needs of his wife. Whatever you gain for her could be useless if it destroys the health of the relationship.Asking him to show his early romantic ways is like asking him to climb down the ladder. Take your work seriously but take your marriage more seriously because it is the most important human reasons (on the woman’s side), or s*xual reasons (on the man’s side).What if an older man and a younger woman are really and truly in love with each other?On the other hand though, some relationships where an older man is dating a younger woman could be deemed acceptable due to the age-gap being quite ‘reasonable’ per say; take Jay-Z and Beyonce (12 years difference), or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (11 years difference).I’ll be straight with you guys, this topic is of personal interest to me because I am currently dating a man who is 15 years older than me.

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I want to know what you guys think (not what you think of MY situation), but just what you generally think of older men dating younger girls.

A happy marriage promotes success in your work and if you are happy in your work your marriage is enhanced. Women love to hear their husbands saying things verbaly.

Women connect to their husband more when we hear them telling us how beautiful, sexy, hot and cute we are. It makes us feel good and confident about ourselves.

However, I have come to realise that I can’t live my life the way people want me to live it- I have to do what pleases me.

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I have always been one of the most judgemental people when it comes to older men dating younger women; I always used to make assumptions that the females were just gold-diggers and the men were just using them s*xually. Guess who is back to the front-line of Ghana Celebrities. After disappearing to the back stage and stepping away from article writing to help with other aspects of the site, I am back in a full force for 2011 as we dream of taking GC to a different level. I am sure we have all come across terms like ‘Sugar Daddy,’ ‘Oluman Boogie,’ and even ‘Aristo’- all used to describe relationships where the man is significantly older than the woman.However, it would be typecasting to suggest that all relationships of this sort are due to reasons other than love, i.e.The relationship is not for any financial gain on my side (I have never once asked him for money and never will as I am an independent woman) or any s*xual gain on both sides; it is purely two people that have fallen deeply in love with each other after months of talking and becoming acquainted with each other.