Dating tips for theater

18-Sep-2017 21:16

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# Funny movies or a romantic comedy is just perfect.

Keeps the atmosphere light, and the plot is so simple that it’s okay to be distracted.

Coming to think of it, movie dates do have a lot of great aspects.Some couples are not quite there yet though, while others need help to rekindle the romance.A movie date might involve going out to the theater or drive-in, creating a drive-in theater experience or staying in to watch a movie.I guess he realized I had a hole in the knee of my jeans, because a few minutes later, I thought there was a worm in my pants — it was actually my date, who had shoved his fingers inside the hole and was basically [groping] my leg." If you're planning to behave that way, you'd better buy a Hershey's Skor at the candy counter, because that's as close to a "score" as you're going to get!

Things go wrong on dates — the movie can stink (a common issue), the projector can break (uncommon), someone can lose a filling on a Hershey's Skor (rare) — but a good attitude can usually salvage the night.

Whatever the venue, movie dates are easily made romantic with a little planning and foresight.