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18-Jan-2018 14:28

I have reference material that shows the following: MODEL 101 SHOTGUN - Over/Under, break open shotgun made in Japan by Olin-Kodensha from 1963. It shows they began making them in October of 1959, starting with serial number 50,000. If anyone else has information, would be greatly appreciated.

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This is is a little unique as the timber work is French polished from the factory (not oiled or lacquered).

Does anyone have a 101 that they bought new and would be willing to share approx serial number and year purchased? Have 5 101's including a Pigeon 3 BBl set for the wife . on doves and cleans my plow on a regular basis with it. Thanks again for for all the help on dating this one.

Could start putting together a bit of a timeline if we could get some data from original owners (although it won't be exact for manufacturing date, it will approximate). Chris I know this thread is several years old but I have a 101 that I bought in 1972 or 1973 new and the serial number is K163xxx.

It was one of those wretched looking plastic things that didn’t hold up very well.

The wood Hydro-coil stocks as made by Dockwiller were another thing entirely.

The last date of manufacture that I have for any of the many 1400 models is 1994.