Dating your vibroplex

09-Sep-2017 12:38

Owners if they so desired could remove and send back the new style plates to Vibroplex and receive an old style in trade with the same serial number stamped. I would have gladly shouldered a price increase of the key itself if that is what it would take to continue with the embossed brass plates.I know it’s a minuscule issue in the grand scheme of things but as a nameplate guy it just gets under my skin. Something that crossed my mind about the new tags is the potential for galvanic corrosion due to the dissimilar metals touching, i.e., aluminum and chrome plated/painted steel.“As a result of this effort, the rules will become consistent, clear, and concise.”GMRS and FRS devices are used for personal communication over several miles; compact FRS handhelds, often sold in pairs, are widely available.While GMRS and FRS share spectrum, GMRS provides for greater communications range and requires an FCC license; FRS does not.“The rules will increase the number of communications channels for both GMRS and FRS, expand digital capabilities to GMRS (currently allowed for FRS), and increase the power/range for certain FRS channels to meet consumer demands for longer range communications (while maintaining higher power capabilities for licensed GMRS),” the FCC explained.I have no idea of the reasons behind the decision to revise the nameplate.

As the R&O explains, common examples of PRS devices include “walkie-talkies;” radio-control cars, boats, and planes; hearing assistance devices; CB radios; medical implant devices; and Personal Locator Beacons.“This draft Report and Order completes a thorough review of the PRS rules in order to modernize them, remove outdated requirements, and reorganize them to make it easier to find information,” the FCC said in a summary attached to the R&O.Perhaps the hard tooling used to stamp the plates has finally worn out and it would cost thousands I’m sure to retool for the job.In any case I would like to see Vibroplex acquire some new old style plates and start a trade in program at the very least.A rectangular black and silver nameplate was used on the earliest semi-automatic keys by Vibroplex.

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I'm trying to find build dates for Vibroplex Vibrokeyers. Well while she's dating the vibro I may as well date a cootie All is fair in love and war.… continue reading »

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