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08-Mar-2017 09:54

It is known that MA use effects sensory systems and the optic nerve according to the results of this study proved to be a target tissue.

It is often difficult to isolate psycho-stimulant use because often, the abusers of these substances are polydrug users, so animal studies are the closest thing to isolating the effects of just one psycho-stimulant.

In this study they gave doses of 5 mg/day from days 8 to 22 of pregnancy .

The offspring were sacrificed at days 7,14, and 21.

However, it is possible for women to successfully treat their addiction during pregnancy, with the most beneficial outcomes for the baby occurring when treatment begins in the first trimester.

In addition, there are other resources that are in place to raise awareness of the issue, promote prevention, and offer possible treatment options.

For example, The State of Montana’s Office of Public Instruction Web site offers a methamphetamine prevention curriculum to middle school students, while the UCLA Integrated Substances Abuse program sponsors a Web site on the delivery of treatment services for methamphetamine.

Though this study was conducted with the use of rats there is a high degree of similarity to rat and human anatomy, so this can be comparable to effects on humans.

This cannot be confirmed though until MA exposed humans are studied postmortem.The treated MA group males had significantly smaller optic nerve diameter.The Optic Nerve area PND21 was significantly smaller than the unexposed control group.Thus far, only three areas of research have garnered a limited amount of information regarding the effects of prenatal MA use on developing children, which include animals studies, a minimal number of human studies that have many limitations, and the recent cocaine literature.

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